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WFH Honeymoon Over? Not So Fast....

Sep 8, 2020 10:08:43 AM / by Dave Foulke

 Much has been written and many discussions recently have centered on the topic of Work From Home (WFH) in the COVID-19 era.  Initial reactions from both sides of the Life Sciences spectrum, from employer and to employee, were surprisingly positive, given that it was almost literally an overnight transition of unprecedented magnitude. 

The majority of employees welcomed the flexibility afforded by a WFH policy that eliminated tiresome-to-brutal commutes and provided more time with family and loved ones.  Employers, even the most skeptical and most traditional-minded advocates of a centralized workforce, witnessed productivity gains, enhanced engagement, and greater employee satisfaction.  All without major disruptions for the most part. 

Talent Acquisition teams aggressively started to alter their recruiting strategies to identify and tap into new talent pool geographies that were previously "off limits" due to longstanding centralized hiring requirements.  Through their own networking and using customized, rapid solutions such as Beaker's Talent Intelligence & Analytics
, many Life Science companies went "all in" on remote talent across a variety of functions.  

More recently, however, we're hearing that the honeymoon may be over as WFH employees are struggling to balance the overlapping work-life balance, struggling with Zoom Zombie Syndrome and the lack of human interaction.  Not so fast say many of the more progressive Human Resources and Talent Acquisition leadership as they work to proactively and creatively counter the WFH malaise.  

From four-day work weeks to mandatory PTO days to home exercise incentives, HR and TA leaders are re-calibrating and reinventing the WFT work-life balance to ensure it works for both sides. 

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Dave Foulke

Written by Dave Foulke