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The Confluence of DEI & WFA

Feb 12, 2021 11:45:34 AM / by Dave Foulke

Though it's still early in 2021, we are seeing a clear confluence of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) initiatives and WFA (Work From Anywhere) realities forming a perfect storm of sorts - in a positive way.  The impetus of the WFA dynamic coupled with optimism for getting COVID-19 under control has, for many Life Sciences companies with whom we've spoken, propelled DEI hiring strategies to new heights and into new places.  

Specifically, as companies have expanded if not lifted their traditional talent borders to include remote locations for certain levels and functions, the potential pool of diversity candidates has grown exponentially.  It has also ushered in a new era of strategically trying to gain a competitive hiring advantage over their peer groups in the form of targeting diverse talent in non-traditional but aligning industries. 

The challenge for many, however, is that they now need to not only redirect, extend and expand their DEI messaging to reach targeted, diverse candidates in new geographies and new industries but also determine who and where those candidates are.  This need has placed a premium on sophisticated but rapid demographic and fit analyses of diverse candidate markets.  This requires going beyond a simple heat map and into the realm of true custom Talent Intelligence services that translate data into actionable information. 

Many of our clients, of all sizes and across all Life Science sectors, are relying on Beaker’s Talent & Marketing Intelligence services and Talent Pipelines to provide real-time, custom snapshots of their target talent with confirmed current locations. 

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Dave Foulke

Written by Dave Foulke