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Talent Without Borders?

Aug 13, 2020 1:11:40 PM / by Dave Foulke

As we collectively enter the latest phase of our so-called “new normal,” a number of forward-thinking companies in the Life Sciences industry are aggressively redefining their overall and diversity hiring strategies. On the heels of an externally mandated Work From Home (WFH) proof-of-concept, executives are coming to the realization that there are economic and productivity benefits – within in certain functions – for a more remote workforce.

Led by strategic Talent Acquisition and Attraction teams, we’re seeing the WFH approach being expanded and integrated into diversity initiatives. By lifting or at least reconsidering prior geographical restrictions on certain positions, the most progressive Life Science companies are now tapping into “net new” talent markets. The early results are in and these companies are getting greater access to high performing and high potential target talent, more diverse talent pools from which to recruit and a competitive talent advantage.

In many Life Sciences “hubs,” the highly concentrated numbers of hiring companies coupled with a limited, in-demand talent pool results in constant competitive poaching and bidding wars for candidates. With fewer prospective candidates willing to relocate in the COVID-19 era, there are even greater challenges but more benefits than ever now to explore and tap into remote workforces.

One common obstacle, however, is how to quickly identify and assess these new candidate targets who have traditionally been outside the borders and off the radar of the hiring company. Since these are candidates not typically in their ATS or CRM, or in some instances not even in their primary markets, many of our clients utilize our customizable Talent Intelligence & Analytics services.

These are pre-recruiting results culled from clients’ defined target talent pool, with no off-limits, and they provide actionable market insights and target candidate data. Oftentimes, clients also have us create a ranking system on which to score candidates against their ideal profile to determine candidate pool viability before starting outreach.

We will cover these topics and more in our October 14th webinar.  To reserve your place and share your questions and/or needs, please click on the button in the upper right or the following link: TALint Webinar.

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Dave Foulke

Written by Dave Foulke