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Remote Talent: Scattered to the Wind?

Nov 4, 2020 7:53:20 AM / by Dana Young posted in COVID, Coronavirus, Work From Home, Talent Intelligence, Diversity, Hiring, Recruiting, Executive Search, Talent, Talent Pipeline, Life Sciences Recruiting, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Boston Life Sciences, San Francisco Life Sciences, #WFH


As Work From Home (WFH) has even more fully taken root with the end to COVID-19 nowhere in sight, we are seeing and hearing about a number of remote workers relocating in sizable numbers.  There are a variety of reasons, from getting outside of highly populated big cities, to being closer to family, to finding more affordable housing, etc.  But the trend is undeniable in Life Sciences given the typical convergence of big city and high costs in traditional markets such as Boston and San Francisco. 

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